Why irregular periods occur ? Let's see the causes and postponement of period?

Menstrual cycle has an important role in female reproductive system. The pattern of cycle is altered in many females due to various reasons. Before discussing irregular periods, lets, discuss normal periods :

Attainment of periods for the first time is called menarch, normally occurs between 13-16 yrs of age. The duration of each cycle is 24-38 days, average is 28 days. That means women will get periods on every 28 days. Suppose if a woman get menses (period) on 10th January, next she gets period on 7th February. Duration of bleeding is 3-5 days.  Amount of blood loss in very cycle is 80 ml / changing 4-6 pads per day is normal.  Normal cycle regularity depends on the balance of hormones named estrogen and progesterone. Stopping of periods at age 45-50 is called menopause.

Causes of irregular periods :

Extreme weight loss. Presence of fat in the body is important for the maintenance of cycle. Body should contain 22 % of fat for maintenance of menses.

Obesity: Obese people have more estrogen hormone released from fat tissue, which causes irregular menses.

Thyroid problems : In hypothyroidism, women can get heavy bleeding. Hypothyroidism identified by features      like women looks dull, inactive, hair loss, intolerance to cold, constipation etc.

    In hyperthyroidism, she gets low bleeding, look anxious, palpitations (feeling of own heart beat), increased          body temperature etc.

• Unhealthy eating habits.

Stress : Stress alters the hormonal levels in the body. Leads to irregular periods.

Vigorous exercise : Mostly seen in athlete women.

• polycystic ovarian disease (pcod) : It is the most common cause nowadays. They get heavy bleeding and        painless periods. Also, they have hair loss, excess hair growth on upper lip, obesity, infertility etc.

Pre menopausal time : Women can get heavy / irregular periods before menopause.

Fibroid : Women having fibroid, get heavy bleeding and infertility in some cases.

During breastfeeding days : She gets  irregular / scanty bleeding.

How to maintain normal periods :

♥ Eat healthy food within time and avoid junk food.

♥ Do routine exercise. Avoid excessive exercise.

♥ Sleep at least for 6-8 hrs.

♥ Avoid stress. Practice yoga / meditation.

  Share your problem with anyone, doesn't be sorrow with in, yourself. Don't afraid and get clarify your                  questions.

Lets, see some abnormal pattern of bleeding :

• Oligo-menorrhea : Called when women get period in >38 days. 

• Poly-menorrhea : Means duration of cycle is <21 days. She gets the next periods in within 21 days.

• Menorrhagia : Increasing in the duration of bleeding with normal cycle duration or using >6 pads per day  (>80ml)

• Metrorrhagia : Bleeding in between the cycle. Women will get period irregularly without any pattern.

• Dysmenorrhea : pain during bleeding. It is common in some persons.

• Amenorrhea : Absence of menses.

        Primary amenorrhea      :   Means girl did not get period at all even above the 16 yrs.

        Secondary amenorrhea : Women who is normally getting menses, but now she does not get her period for         >6 months.


• If you are getting bleeding for more than 7 days in a month.

• Absence periods for more than 3 months.

• Excessive pain during bleeding which is interrupting your daily activities.

• Getting period in between the cycle.


Some wants to postpone their periods for occasions / important days. Progesterone helps in postponement of menses. Norethisterone tablet 5 mg used for the postponement of period. Daily 1 tab should be taken 3 days prior to the onset of the menses. Continue till how many days you want postponement. The period will occur within 3-4 days of stoppage of taking the drug. Do not use for more than 2-3 days. As we are stopping normal physiological process

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